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A Look Inside the Human Body
A site written in (Australian) English and designed for children
When you get to the home page click on one of the pictures of the human body featuring the system you are interested in to get a brief description of that system.
Covers the following systems:
Skeletal, Muscular, Circulatory, Nervous (& Senses), Immune, Digestive, Respiratory.
[Missing Systems: Integumentary, Endocrine, Urinary, Reproductive]
Kid Info Reference Resources for the Human Body
Reference Resource for Kids, Parents & Teachers
List of links to follow if you are intesested.
Many  sites here are written at a level that will be very simple for the college student
- but sometimes that is just what you want for an introduction
- or you might use this site to help your children with their homework
Article from the free on-line encyclopedia - Wikipedia
Educational site with lots of explanations, examples, questions, animations
Written in easy to understand language
but it will take you quite a bit of time to go through the whole site.
Detailed examples of homeostasis in the body written for
students studying for biology for college entrance exams.
Brain Navigation
Definitions and illustrations of terminology relating to planes, sections, and directions
Anatomical Planes of the Body
Definitions and illustrations of terminology
Abdomen Quadrants and Regions
Moving the cursor over the picture will cause it to change
from illustrating quadrants to illustrating regions