Tissues & Microscope Use Resources
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Video of a woman explaining how riding the tower of terror breaks her adhesions

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Pathology Resources
Includes links to several websites with images that show how disease alters the tissues

Laboratory exercises in histology
Laboratory demonstrations for histology
Website of University of New England
College of Osteopathic Medicine
Anatomy 503, Human Histology
Allen L. Bell, Ph.D.

Histology Laboratory Manual
Columbia University
Dr. Patrice Spitalnik

Veterinary Histology Laboratory Exercises
Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine
VM 8054 Veterinary Histology
Dr. Thomas Caceci

University of South Dakota HistoWeb
An Interactive Digital Lab Guide for Histology
Look for the menu strip at the very bottom of the page
to find the tissue you want to explore.
A large collection of microscopic pictures with lots of text
Provides abundant explanations and education about what is in the pictures
(pictures approx 300 x 300 pixels)

Loyola University Medical Education Network (LUMEN) - Chicago
A large collection of microscopic pictures with lots of text
Provides abundant explanations and education about what is in the pictures
(pictures approx 425 x 305 pixels)

University of Delaware Histology
Very nice pictures
Not a lot of accompanying text
(approx 716 x 477 pixels)
Starting point for exploring color images from light microscope
Starting point for exploring black and white (mostly) electron microscope images

University of Kansas JayDoc HistoWeb
Very nice pictures
Not a lot of accompanying text
(approx 812 x 535 pixels if you click on the small picture to get to the big picture)

College of Medicine - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
This site has great electron microscope & light microscope pictures.
They take a long time to load however.
Many pictures are from tissues taken from non-human species (Dog, Monkey etc)
Atlas of Histology Slide List
College of Medicine University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Seems to be a faster way to access the same pictures as the above website.
You can click on areas of images that are boxed to see them at a higher magnification.
As you move the mouse cursor over the image certain sections may change color and auditory information about that section is then given.

UC Davis site
Pictures are a little bit grainy, but the site nevertheless is very helpful and
contains drawings, microscope pictures, and accompanying text on:
Anatomy Introduction, Epithelial Tissue, Connective Tissue,
Muscle Tissue, Nervous Tissue, Cellular Structures

Ed's Basic Histology Gallery
Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences.
Teaches features of cells & tissues one slide at a time with good pictures and lots of texts.
Scroll down the home page until you get to the section entitled Start Learning
followed by a numbered list of 100 images to click on.

Histology Lab Review Carousels
University of Texas - Houston Medical School
Offers pictures with accompanying list of features that are visible in each
without actually labeling where those features are located
Pictures are somewhat small. Some can be somewhat enlarged by clicking, some can't.

Duke University PTH225 Introduction to Systemic Histology
Laura P. Hale, MD. PhD.
Lots of nice pictures, some at various magnifications (including very low power)
No labels or explanatory text.

Histology Learning System
Series of microscope slide images.
When you click on bar under picture where it says LABEL
a black and white version of the image appears with lots of labels
When you click on UNLABEL the original color image reappears
The thumbnal index is one useful way to look for a particular image

Histology resources for the Southern Illinois University School of Medicine
Great pictures - LOTS of text.
All images are labeled (except in the thumbnail versions).
The image index is one useful way to look for a particular image

McGill University Histopathology website
This site provides images and explanatory text for learning about tissue changes
observed in various disease states

The Internet Pathology Lab for Medical Education
Florida State University College of Medicine
Images include microscope images, gross anatomy images, and radiographs
This is the starting point for Organ System Pathology Images
At the beginning of each organ system listed there are usually a few images of normal tissue
followed by numerous pictures of tissues altered by various diseases etc.

University of Virginia Health System
Click on Course Subject Areas or the link below:
then click on tissue of interest such as epithelium (also linked below)
In the side bar - click on the word images
and in that same side bar a list of clickable images will appear
Once you see the image and text don't bother to click on magnify because you will be told you are not authorized to do so - never mind the images are great even without further magnification.
There is lots of descriptive text at this site.

UC Davis Histology Web Site
Like sitting in a lab with a tutor at your side telling you which slide to look at, how to look at it, and what features to observe.
Clicking on the word ZOOM in the lower right corner of a picture will enlarge it.
If a pop-up screen appears requesting you enter a user name and password,
just click on the cancel button and continue. It is likely that in the future this site will only be available to UCDavis students.

Blue Histology
School of Anatomy and Human Biology The University of Western Australia
Great images of good quality and large size and copyright free for educational purposes
Select a Tissue System then click on the word Search underneath the selection box
To see an actual image from the resulting list click on the bar with the magnification
such as X20 or X40 or X100

Virtual Slidebox of Histology
University of Iowa
Pick any slide from this virtual slide box and click on it
You will see a very low power view of the tissue
Click on any area of the slide and zoom in until you get to the desired magnification
Move the cursor around to move the virtual slide around and explore different parts of the slide
Using this site is like turning your computer into a microscope

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