Nervous System Resources
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How Synapses Work
3:16 minutes
Pearson / Benjamin Cummings 2009
Synapse Structure and Function
4:24 minutes
by Larry Keeley
Neuron Synapse
3:19 minutes long
Great Pacific Media
Resting membrane potential
3:57 minutes long
Great Pacific Media
Action potential
1:02 minutes long
No audio portion (no narration)
shows Na+ and K+ channels opening and closing
and shows Na+/K+ pump at work
How Neurons Work
Animation that explains resting membrane potential, and the generation and propagation of action potentials
3:22 minutes long
Pearson / Benjamin Cummings 2007
The Schwann Cell and Action Potential
Animation explaining movement of action potentials along myelinated axons and comparing it to movement of action potentials along unmyelinated axons.
5:07 minutes long
What is Multiple Sclerosis? is the question answered in this Youtube video.
Karin's Story - A daughter tells the story of her mom's life with multiple sclerosis.
Explore the Brain and Spinal Cord
Contains a wealth of content and links related to the nervous system
The 12 Cranial Nerves
Human Brain Sections
Website to supplement Medical NeuroScience Course
Indiana School of Medicine
The Navigable Atlas of the Human Brain
Here you can find pictures of sectioned human brains, corresponding MRI sections, and movies going through sections in sequence
provided by staff from Radiology Department, Communications Technology Laboratory, and College of Human Medicine, Michigan State University;
National Museum of Health and Medicine, Armed Forces Institute of Pathology
Online home of the Terri Schindler-Schiavo Foundation
Terri Schiavo - A Tragedy Compounded
by Timothy E. Quill, M.D.
from the New England Journal of Medicine

Links that are currently not working
and will probably be deleted if I can't find a new URL for them
Animation showing Na+ & K+ channels and their activity during an action potential
Animations showing propagation of action potential in
continuous conduction & saltatory conduction
Animation showing channel gating during an action potential
Animation showing events at the neuromuscular junction
Animation on information entering neuron at dendrites and moving to and through axon.
If you go to the menu and proceed to the last scene there is a good animation on summation (spatial & temporal) of EPSPs. The next to the last scene is a good animation of movement of information across a synapse.

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