Loose Connective Tissue & Mesenchyme
Cells and fibers are separated by very noticeable gaps. 
Read the descriptions of the different Loose Connective Tissues
and the description of Mesenchyme below
and select the best choice using all the clues you can find.

All the cells that are present look alike.

The cells are irregularly shaped (with fine processes)
but the cell shapes may be hard to see since the cytoplasm may be lightly stained.

The nuclei (which are easily seen) are oval or round.

Areolar Connective Tissue

There are a variety of cell types differing in size, shape, and/or color.

Fibers are randomly arranged, vary in thickness and color, and do not form networks.

If the tissue has been stretched,
cells and fibers are very far apart.

If the tissue has not been stretched,
cells are closer together and fibers not so visible.
Reticular Connective Tissue

All the cells that are present look alike.

All the fibers that are present seem similar in color and thickness.

Fibers are connected to each other in an organized looking network (like tree branches).

There appears to be a large amount of fairly empty space between cells & fibers.

Adipose Tissue

All the cells that are present look alike.

The cytoplasm of each cell is pushed to the periphery leaving a clear central space.
(The empty space used to contain triglycerides,
before they got washed out)

The tissue resembles a collection of soap bubbles.

(c) 2006 Jackie Lindbeck