BSC2093C Human Anatomy & Physiology
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Calendar check this calendar for dates of quizzes and exams and what lab handouts to print each week
Study Guides use these study guides to focus your time wisely on those topics that you will be tested over
Careers (information about required education,
projected job openings, expected salaries, and career descriptions)
Teacher Resources some things of use for teachers
About Me (your teacher)
For class PowerPoints go to CANVAS from the Valencia College website
Guide to local clinics list of clinics which can provide less expensive or free health care
Tissue Identification Guide (to be used during the Tissue chapter)
Unknowns To Identify (to be used during the Tissue chapter)
once you get to the CANVAS page use your Atlas username & password to enter
National Hurricane Center useful to check during hurricane season
Textbook Companion Site provided by the publishers of our textbook
Selected Internet Resources on class related topics
Pronunciation guide with dictionary (British)
Dictionary with pronunciation guide (American)
Lab Handouts (these are the same handouts that are also linked to the class calendar)
Etymology Dictionary use this to look up - where does a word come from?
Spring 2019 Syllabus
choose from:
Adobe Acrobat document.pdf
Microsoft Office Word document.docx
Microsoft Office Word 97-2003 document.doc
HTML document (webpage document).htm

the link below will get you to a website where you can get the PDF version
of a free online textbook provided by OpenStax
Lab Safety Regulations all students need to: print, read, and sign
West Campus Tutoring Center
Building 7 Room 244 Phone 407-582-1633
make an appointment at the tutoring center OR make an appointment via ATLAS
web page:
library resources: you can go to the first floor of the library and  make use of
open lab resource - Spring 2019
open lab will be available on Wednesdays from 1-2pm in HSB-132
Q. Which exams are hardest and easiest to get high scores on?     A. See Fall 2015 student scores.
Information for students interested in health sciences programs at Valencia College
prerequisites and GPA requirements
Spelling Counts! why spelling is important
SDS Safety Data Sheets